The Disney Theory That Will Change Your Life

28 Apr

I’ve seen several facebook/blog posts that reveal shocking connections between Frozen and other Disney films. THESE POSTS ARE BLOWING PEOPLE’S MINDS. They are shaking folks to their core and making them question the very foundation upon which their lives are built (at least from what the comments reveal…that seems to be the general consensus).

I have  some of theories of my own to add to the existing list. If you thought your mind was blown after hearing that it was on their way to Rapunzel’s wedding that the King and Queen in Frozen are Shipwrecked, just you wait:

(1-4 are previous the theories I’ve seen from others, 5+ YOU WILL ONLY SEE HERE)

1) Anna & Elsa Are Rapunzel’s Cousins

2) It was on the way to Rapunzel’s wedding that Anna & Elsa’s parents are shipwrecked

3) It was their shipwreck that Ariel sees in the beginning of the Little Mermaid.

4) But they didn’t die, they washed up on an island and gave birth to Tarzan. They were later killed by a wildcat.

5) The king of Arendelle’s belt was found on the island by a panther named Bagheera who used it to make undergarments for Mowgli, the little boy in the Jungle Book.

King’s belt…aka Mowgli’s undies.

Jungle book mowgli


6) Elsa’s father’s prized possession was a pipe (aka snarfblat). This pipe was found by Ariel at the scene of the shipwreck. This Pipe ended up being passed down to Eric & Ariel’s great grandson Roger. YOU MAY HAVE SEEN ROGER BEFORE:


On a related note, the above pipe was manufactured by this caterpillar.

7) The ship carrying the King and Queen of Arendelle to their unfortunate demise, was made primarily from one tree…a tree you might recognize….

Since the ship was made at the expense of Rafiki’s “Tree of Life”…it was cursed. During the fury of the storm, one crew member noticed this drawing on a piece of driftwood he was clinging to for dear life.

When he saw the drawing…the following words suddenly popped into his mind: “Asante Sana Squash Banana.” He claims these words saved his life.

8) When Rapunzel heard the news that her Aunt & Uncle had passed away on the way to her wedding, she cried for days and her magical tears fell on several items. The following items became magical during the sobfest:

This lady was just coming to deliver Eugene a sandwhich when she suddenly collided with a crying Rapunzel in the hallway of the castle and her life was forever changed.

9) Lastly, but perhaps most shockingly. THIS was the Queen of Arendelle’s favorite childhood toy, you’ll never guess who owned it later?



Good luck recovering.

P.S. For the record this is 100% sarcasm.

P.P.S. I have no comprehension of all the excitement about these Disney theories (although I do think it’s cool that Rapunzel and Eugene show up at Elsa’s coronation, but I don’t think I need more explanation than “The animators thought it’d be fun to do a cameo.”) Thanks and goodbye.

Home Tour (just moved in): Main Floor

11 Mar

I’ve been meaning to show you (the 3 people who haven’t given up on this blog) some pictures of our new house! I had big plans to take some high quality pictures of the entire house with my nice camera, but it seems that my home is never clean enough for photos except right before friends are coming over. Unfortunately when friends are about to walk through the door is not a time I remember to actually go grab the nice camera, therefore some iphone photos of the main floor are all I have to offer for today (which were taken 3 minutes before friends came over on Friday, hence…their lack of quality and poor lighting).

The only thing we’ve done to the house was to have the wood floors refinished and we had to put in a new furnace. We haven’t had the chance to paint any walls yet so get your eyeballs ready for our very white walls EVERYWHERE. We will start doing a little painting (or having someone else do a little painting) in the next few months, and I think it will make a big difference.

Many of you guys have seen the front of the house on instagram or facebook, but here it is again (these pics are from when it was on the market back in October…hence the pumpkins, the leaves, the non dead shrubbery, etc!)



The neighborhood is one of our favorite areas of Omaha and the house was built in 1939. Husband is about 5 minutes from work, and it’s also a very central location to all the hospitals where he sees patients. It has been so fun that he can just run home during the day when he has free time or to grab lunch. We have never had the chance to see him during his working hours, so that has been a fun change. We also are really excited about the school district and the local elementary school is supposed to be excellent. We are close to trader joes. We are close to Starbucks. We are close to church. We are close to Eileen’s Cookies (dangerous). We are close to pretty much everything. OK I’m done.

Soooo…back to the floors getting redone. I thought maybe some of you would enjoy seeing the before/after. Here is what the floors looked like when we closed on the house right before Christmas…

IMG_5150Black. Black floors. Black painted floors everywhere. (A large portion of the main level and the entire upstairs).

I don’t think those photos convey just how bad these jet black painted floors were in person. From afar you might be saying, oh, glossy black floors aren’t what I would choose but that isn’t *that* bad. I think even this photo might help you get a sense for how they looked up close in the light:



Paint not fully covering the seems, every piece of dirt glaring, chipping, black splotches all over the quarter round on the baseboard. There was about 2500 square feet of this black painted flooring.

So we had it taken care of before we moved in and we are so glad we bit the bullet and just hired a company to do it all right after Christmas.


For as long as I live, I think I’ll speculate about the thought process of the old owners on their decision to paint the floors black, but they are gone now…and we’ve moved on with our lives.


Close up of the floors refinished!

Now, here are the really badly taken pictures of the house now that we’re moved in…

Foyer (looking into Dining Room)


Looking into the Foyer from the Dining Room. (That little door handle under the staircase is the entrance to the basement)


Dining Room (& an entrance to Kitchen)


Dining Room (& an entrance to Sunroom)


Kitchen (entrance to the garage right through the door at the end of the hallway)


The lighting on this pic was so bad, the only way to salvage it was B&W :-)


Panoramic kitchen






Living Room (next big purchase: Couch!) To the right of the built in, is a doorway to the sunroom


Looking from the Foyer at the doorway of the office (which is fairly small and hard to photograph so I didn’t snap a pic)


Mudroom/Laundry Room


Mudroom/Laundry Room

Laundry Chute! (comes from Master Bedroom into the Mudroom)

Laundry Chute! (comes from Master Bedroom into the Mudroom)


The basement will never be clean for longer than a few hours so I won’t even bother waiting for the perfect moment to snap a pic. The whole thing is a large L shaped space and the part you can’t see to the far right will eventually be turned into a guest room. We also plan to put a full bath down here eventually in the large storage area.

Main Floor Bath

Main Floor Bath (directly to the left you are unable to see the mysterious shower, which makes no sense but works for us until we are able to put a bathroom down in the basement)

So there you have it…the main floor (& one messy photo of the basement). There’s a nice big coat closet as well and a cool hallway nook outside the bathroom door, which are additional areas I really like. There are four bedrooms upstairs, a master bathroom, and a kids bathroom. Maybe I’ll show them to you someday (they aren’t all that exciting at this point…especially the master bath, oy).

As far as changes go, we don’t want to do anything major for quite a while. I’d really like to get the built-in and the fireplace brick surround in the living room painted ASAP. I am also itching to get some color on the walls so the house doesn’t feel so sterile. Another project I think would be fun to do sooner rather than later would be to replace the runner on the stairs in the foyer. Other than that, I think we might buy a piece of furniture here or there to replace the “this will work for now” stuff or fill the empty spots.

One of the biggest selling points of the house was the backyard. It’s really private and flat, with a fence and plenty of room for kiddos to run around. Long term we’ll improve the patio (which is currently cement with a lot of cracks), but in the meantime it’s totally fine. I also love that the kitchen is on the back of the house so I am able to be in the kitchen while the girls play outside. Here’s are the pics from when the house was on market (I can’t wait till all the green comes back like this again!)




I hope you enjoyed my virtual home tour complete with outdated exterior photos and poorly lit and framed interior photos. Always here to put my best foot forward.


P.S. It was 74 degrees today and I feel like a butterfly who emerged from my cocoon.

P.P.S. Today’s Sunshine: Sunshine. Bonus: Playing Hide & Seek with Caroline who simply cannot help but tell me where she hides within 2 seconds of me saying “Ready or Not Here I Come”. It’s pretty cute. Today’s Raincloud: I have a slightly guilty feeling because I let my kids eat applesauce, strawberries, and cheddar bunnies for lunch and then I took them out for ice cream.

Moving Sucks (A Moving Poem About Moving)

10 Mar

(this was originally posted HERE back in late January when I was actually moving!)

I’m moving into a new house tomorrow.

Is it totally wrong that I didn’t use an exclamation point after that sentence? Don’t get me wrong friends, I am beyond ecstatic to live in our new house and literally CANNOT WAIT. That being said, if any of you have experience with the actual process of moving (especially with children), you are well aware of why I chose to use the punctuation I did.

Moving sucks. It stinks. It blows chunks. (do people still use this phrase?)

It’s an endless list of mind numbing tasks and a pain in the rear end.

I’d like to waste a few moments of your time and force you to listen to me rant about having to undergo the moving process. To make my ranting more fun and palatable, I decided to channel my frustration with moving into the form of a poorly written poem. I have no recollection of having ever written a poem in my life (although I’m sure I had to in high school?) so this should be interesting. This is also an effort to procrastinate packing.

A Moving Poem about Moving

by Traci Davies

I am trying to live in a better place,

but the road there is a lot like a punch in the face.

Down payment and closing costs- our savings account just shrank,

But I feel so warm and fuzzy helping the bottom line at the bank.

When did we accumulate all of this crap?

Will it all shatter if not properly placed in some bubble wrap?

My whole life has become boxes, packing, and tape,

And my demeanor is starting to resemble Severus Snape.

Time to dig through all our drawers again,

Look, I just found another business’ promotional pen!

I just made this box way too heavy…now I have to repack it,

Crap, now it doesn’t fit my badminton racquet.

Why did I keep an Oprah Magazine from 2005,

and a VHS tape of Cory Haim’s “License to Drive”?

Another trip to the donation center I guess,

and we can’t forget to call 200 places with our change of address.

Also on the to do list: Change the cable, Set up the utilities,

And get the new carpets steamed in case they’re infested with fleas.

When this process is over, it will all be worthwhile

But this darn moving thing is awfully vile.


Here’s hoping your Saturday plans don’t involve cardboard boxes of any kind!

(P.S. In case you read my post awhile back about my home search and the Rivalry between Team New House and Team Old House & are how it all panned out, we ended up buying a home built in 1939 and it’s not in West Omaha. There you have it…TEAM OLD, 100%)

Are Viral Mom Blog Posts Making Us Ill?

10 Mar

(posted originally here)

Reading blog posts and articles about the topic of “motherhood” has become a bit of a fascination for me. I don’t often spend my time seeking such articles out, but the latest “viral” mom post usually comes my way via twitter or facebook newsfeed (usually accompanied by the caption “Amen” because my friend posting it agrees with its sentiments) and I always take a few minutes to read it. 

The motherhood posts/articles often fall into one of the following categories:

  • 1) The encouraging “we’re all in this together so let’s celebrate and love one another and drink lots of coffee/wine to get through this” (cue Zac & Vanessa) 
  • 2) The “slow down and appreciate every beautiful moment of this because we will blink our eyes and be at our kids high school graduation” post
  • 3) The “I’m standing up for myself and my parenting choice and these are a dozen reasons why my choice was awesome (and maybe I’ll toss in a few reasons why yours is terrible)” post 
  • 4) The “this is how you should feed your kids/teach your kids/talk to your kids/discipline your kids with a side of self righteousness” post
  • 5) The “Dear Author of that blog post that pissed me off, you are a b word and you are wrong” post

Many of these viral posts are actually pretty well written on an individual basis. I enjoy reading them or find them interesting. But since I’ve started to view them more collectively, I’ve grown a little weary of all these posts, becoming more and more cynical about them. 

Despite this, I keep clicking the links. I’m fascinated with what the popularity of all these posts conveys about my fellow women and moms. 

The main things I notice reading post after post…(and far too many of the comments for my own sanity)

Moms are so insecure.

Moms are so desperately seeking validation.

Moms are so prideful.

OK it’s definitely not just moms. That’s a pretty accurate description of people in general, but as a group we moms just make it a little more obvious. Moms are a loud group.

It’s not that the authors of these posts are necessarily insecure, seeking validation, or prideful (some are). It’s the fact that their messages resonate so strongly with so many women and become so amplified. What concerns and confounds me is that women seem desperate for the posts. The messages get shared and reshared. Some of them garner thousands of comments.

(don’t get me started on the comments)

This observation remains true even as I come across encouraging blog posts about motherhood with very positive messages.  The message itself is fine, but it’s always followed with thousands of comments declaring things like “I don’t think I could have survived without reading this post.” or “Your words have changed my entire world view as a mom” or versions of such. I read these things and can’t help but think “do we all really need a stranger on the internet to validate our self worth as a mom or to craft our core beliefs about parenting?” If we are in need of encouragement, wouldn’t we be better to look towards people who we can actually interact with and pray with and hug? Aren’t warm fuzzies better when found in a place where internet trolls can’t come leave ugly remarks in a comment section?

Where did women go for this validation and encouragement before the “age of the blog”? Were they in the self help section of the bookstore every other day? Were they writing to pen pals about these topics? Did they give their husbands a script to read to them each night in order to feel OK about their parenting choices?

I have to believe that moms were talking to one another a little more. If you were looking for a little sympathy, you were forced to find some real community. You were also probably less insecure because you were blissfully unaware of what 99.5% of other moms in the world were up to (or perhaps I’m wrong and all these moms could just be found crying in a closet during their kids naptime? or taking shots?)

These days we don’t just know what our neighbors or coworkers are up in regards to parenting, thanks to the internet we know what total strangers are doing. Everyone can share their opinion regarding every battle of the “Mommy Wars”…breastfeeding moms versus bottle feeding moms, busy moms versus laid back moms, attachment moms versus cry it out moms,  anti-screen moms versus ‘ok in moderation’ screen moms, stay at home moms versus career moms, all natural moms versus mainstream moms, now there’s even “good mom” versus “slacker mom“, and on it goes. Much has been written about the phenomenon, but it remains true that moms as a group seem like a bunch of bullies…hell bent on convincing everyone that their choice is the best one. Back in the day, if a mom wanted to find a platform for conveying her superiority she had to go alienate people in her own social circle. 

The thing with these bullies though is that they only have power if other women care what they think. Apparently, women care…because these loud mouth women are always fought with. Why do so many women passionately care about the opinion of some other lady they have never met? Why do they engage her? Why do they let her words anger them so?


The article I linked above was about the new phenomenon that “slacker moms” are now making “good moms” feel like they need to keep quiet about the fact that they are organized and have their lives together.  I read comment after comment on a facebook posting of the article about moms saying they agree with the sentiments of the article and have hidden their “togetherness” from others.

Why does a “slacker mom” go out of her way to make rude remarks about a mom who enjoys and does well in her domestic endeavors? Why does a woman who has it together and feels that she’s doing a good job care one iota what some mom who orders pizza every other night thinks of her?


Why are so many moms so insecure?

Many of us with little kids feel like we got thrown into the deep waters of motherhood without being taught how to swim. We make it up as we go along and are grasping for any tidbits of information on how to navigate the waters of parenting. I think this is why insecurity can develop in so many of us. These little creatures came into our homes and we didn’t exactly come up with a game plan for how we want to take care of them. What matters most? How should we be spending our time? What should we be focused upon during each stage of childhood? What is the ultimate goal of parenting? These are questions we have to answer for ourselves.  Confidence develops upon the shoulders of deep conviction. Mom blog posts often make us feel emotional and pull us in various directions, but they should be viewed upon as tiny pieces of a large picture. 

How to develop confidence in yourself as a parent and  your own “parenting philosophy” might be an entire post of its own for another time, but I’d argue it doesn’t start with reading viral blog posts about motherhood or paying heed to the words of a sensationalist loud mouth. It might begin with sitting down with a couple you admire who has raised great kids and asking about how they did things. It might begin with finding great books that align with your core beliefs and making the time to actually read them. It might begin with a long discussion with another mom you really respect. It might begin with attending a parenting conference with your husband. 

If you feel a healthy confidence in where you stand, there’s no need to feel defensive, attacked, or insecure about what other moms think of you. You’ll view other moms as potential friends instead of threats. You won’t need to make it your mission to make others agree with your thoughts on parenting, but you’ll love healthy discussions about parenting topics. 

(I know I came across as an anti internet hater in this post, but don’t forget…this is coming from me, a self proclaimed lover of social media!)

What do you guys think about all these popular motherhood blog posts? Why are so many mom’s insecure? How did you develop confidence as a mama?

Bo Pelini: Controversy, F-Bombs, Unicorns…

20 Sep

(just posted this earlier today at Her View From Home & wanted to share it with those of you who follow my personal site)

Welp, Bo Pelini has officially been forgiven for his 2011 rant against jerk Husker fans, Nebraska’s media “elite”, and the general concept of self-control. The University has decided to forgive and forget, and more importantly Tom Osborne gave him a big public sloppy kiss and pretty much has put an end to the whole affair.

(side note, I’ve developed a vivid mental picture of the entire population of Nebraska dancing NSync Bye Bye Bye Marionette puppet style while Tom Osborne stands creepily above pulling the strings…)

Image (1)

Admit it, this is the best photo you’ve ever seen on the internet. I MADE THIS.

I’m still unsure what to think about the entire series of events.

On one hand, could there POSSIBLY be anyone all that shocked by Pelini’s actions? He looks like this every single week…in public, in what would be considered his professional setting:

This is what I’ve always pictured him looking like when tucking his kids in at night:


In Bo’s defense, this is what I look like after my daughter comes out of her room for the third time to “go potty.”

Did everyone assume that in private he was a gentle sort of man? We thought he was calm and serene, discussing unicorns and rainbows with the players along with his hopes and fears?


OK so THIS is the best image you’ve ever seen on the internet. Sadly, I am not responsible for this.

You can see this guy muttering the F Bomb after every missed catch, bad call, or loss of yards. He has always been this way…so when a bunch of obnoxious fans boo his team off the field during a game (an especially shameful fan moment to be sure), it stands to reason he would be ticked off at the whole lot of us. Would you expect a guy like this to compose himself and rationally discuss his frustrations at his next therapy session? Are we surprised that he didn’t have it in him to be the bigger person and just not say something anti Tommie Frazier when attacked?

Eff No.

On the other hand, I can understand why Husker Nation is split regarding whether this is the type of person we can handle watching lead our football team for much longer. Some say it’s football, a rowdy game and it shouldn’t matter if our head coach is rough around the edges. Others cannot help but compare our current head coach to Tom Osborne. We are Tom’s puppets for good reason…the guy is the most high quality, classy, role model you could ever ask for, and he just plain embodies the image we all have of Husker Football.

But now we have a guy who makes this face for a large majority of each game:


Someone just asked to go to the bathroom.

We all loved his passion at first, but it seems many fans are starting to feel these outbursts are less and less endearing and more and more embarrassing. The players support him and know he’s got their back, which says a lot. I just wish he would just bring the crazy behavior during the games down from a 9 to a 7?

Are our expectations just too high? Here in Nebraska, a lot of us seem to feel like we should have our football coach be a role model for our children. Is this week’s psycho rant really just a straw that is starting to break the camel’s back? Have we hit the point where we just can’t handle having a guy like this lead the Huskers?

OR are we all just sort of frustrated we can’t seem to win the big games (Ok, so ‘can’t seem to win’ seems generous after Saturday’s debacle against UCLA)?

Unfortunately for all of you, I don’t have an answer to my myriad of rhetorical questions. I just know that I will keep coming back to this team…loss after loss, bulging vein after bulging vein…and I’ll hope for the best.

The best = some type of calming medication and a winning football game.

See you Saturday. 

Crap. UCLA just scored again.

Just spotted: Baby Body Glitter

16 Sep

photo (40)

I don’t know who the 5,102 people were who liked the idea of an Online Photography Class that encourages the usage of baby body glitter, but this should be considered abuse. I also assume this baby’s name is Typhanee (pronounced Tiffany) and that this summer she was forced to wear a baby string bikini.

In related news, I plan to get Meredith’s photo taken at Wal-Mart in a few months like her big sister. Don’t worry, I will not forget my own guidelines….


P.S. Some might consider me a hypocrite for writing this post because I allowed Caroline to get this on her arm last weekend, but it made her so happy that I don’t care what you say.

photo (42)

Aesthetically, children are most drawn to what could be described as “airbrush t-shirt” style design.

A Few Recent Posts

16 Aug

I’ve written a few blog posts on Her View From Home that I never shared here on my site. I have committed to writing a monthly post over there so my brain doesn’t turn into that green slime from “You Can’t Do That On Television” (as you may have noticed, I haven’t been great about blogging regularly on my own!)

Read one or read them all (I’d vote for the read them all option)-

  • Five Ways To Leave A Legacy– My latest post, about my husband’s Grandpa Bishop who recently passed away, the legacy he left behind, and what we can all learn from him…

Happy Reading!


P.S. Every post needs a picture, so here’s one of hubby and I at a Mad Men Theme Party two years ago. Random.