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Just spotted: Baby Body Glitter

16 Sep

photo (40)

I don’t know who the 5,102 people were who liked the idea of an Online Photography Class that encourages the usage of baby body glitter, but this should be considered abuse. I also assume this baby’s name is Typhanee (pronounced Tiffany) and that this summer she was forced to wear a baby string bikini.

In related news, I plan to get Meredith’s photo taken at Wal-Mart in a few months like her big sister. Don’t worry, I will not forget my own guidelines….


P.S. Some might consider me a hypocrite for writing this post because I allowed Caroline to get this on her arm last weekend, but it made her so happy that I don’t care what you say.

photo (42)

Aesthetically, children are most drawn to what could be described as “airbrush t-shirt” style design.

Welcoming a Lovely Lady- Downton Abbey Party Style!

14 Feb

The season finale of Downton Abbey is coming up THIS Sunday. Hithertofore, I feel it is time to reveal photographic evidence of a party I recently helped host (by helped host I mean I made a sign and bought champagne).

It was actually a baby shower/sprinkle for my dear friend Katie. She recently welcomed her second baby girl to the world, Willa Louise (aka Ouisey: pronounced Weezy in case you were curious!) She knew we were having a little tea party in her honor, but she had no idea that we decided to make in Downton Themed (she’s a fan, as many of us in our group of friends are).

It was a perfect way to celebrate a second baby…fun but not too serious. Close friends getting the chance to dress up, eat & drink, and bless Ouisey’s mommy with some small gifts to honor  their new blessing.

I highly recommend the whole “theme party” thing for second babies. They deserve to be celebrated but you don’t necessarily want to have some sort of huge fancy shower. A little theme party with close friends is such a fun idea. My friend Cindi has been the mastermind of a few of these events and they are wonderful (she orchestrated my Saved by the Bell sprinkle for Meredith…it was amazing & I am doing a disservice to society by not having posted pictures of it on this blog)

OK you get the gist…here are the pics!


When the lady of honor arrived, she had her own Ladies Maid to help her get dressed in proper brunch apparel.

First things first. Cup of tea.

First things first. Cup of tea.


Paper dolls that Cindi found (I think from here?!). We also put a lot of photos of the cast into frames and placed them around the room (but I failed to take a picture of this)


The many emotions of the Dowager Countess


The hostesses: People did not smile in photos in those days


Cindi & Anna- best picture ever. (I also want to mention, Anna made the apron/headpiece…her talents her talents!)

Cindi made this for Lady Ouisey, of course.

Cindi made this for Lady Ouisey, she already fights for injustice.


The attendees.


In front of Downton

I was going for a "I'm going riding after this" sort of look...

I was going for a “I’m going riding after this” sort of look…


I made the sign and was quite proud of my handiwork!


Duh. Tea.


When you looked a little closer at the sign, you could see that there were some surprise additions to the Downton Abbey Cast…


Fancy food for important people. (cucumber sandwiches on the top of course)


I think our spread averaged out to one entire platter of food per person…because that’s just how we roll when we wear fancy hats.

Ok, no this is the best picture ever.

Ok, no this is the best picture ever.


“This attire is much more Downton appropriate Lady Ouisey. Thank you for being sensible.” (I’m picturing this caption being said in Carson’s voice)

There you have it. Now go host a party for the finale! You still have time…Hats! Tea! It’s not rocket science.


P.S. I have a big ADMISSION to make:   I’m can’t lie to you guys, I cheated and watched the finale online a few days ago. I feel some shame about this, but people would not stop vaguely talking about it on social networking sites, and I feared that it was going to be ruined for me.

I’m not going to say a word to you about it.

We’ll talk Monday)

P.P.S. Today’s Sunshine: We had a wonderful Valentine’s Day & i feel very loved! Today’s Raincloud: My house is a total mess and I’m writing this blog instead of cleaning it. I wish I had a house maid.

Miss Meredith Monthly- Top Secret Photos Revealed

24 Jan

Hey! Here’s my monthly post over on Her View From Home...Saying Goodbye to Social Media Shame…read it people!

I have been taking photos of Meredith each month…for seven months…and have yet to post one.


The pictures go into iPhoto land and then I wait for the perfect time to mess around with them, crop them, and make my crummy photography look bearable. For seven months they have remained there awaiting my attention…

(It also doesn’t help that I have so many pictures on iPhoto that I am forced to spend 80% of my time looking at the dumb color wheel telling me to buy a freaking external hard drive)

Today though, these photos are ready to see the light!

Unlike Caroline’s very complicated three photos each month procedure..(chair, dog, calendar). I’ve kept things more simple with my lovely Meredith. I bought a lavender sheet, a package of gold letters, and concocted a little sign to change each month. I think the photos have been really fun thus far, and quite different from her sisters.















I love this little lady so very much! I can barely even remember what life was like without her as a part of our little family (OK, I can…and I got more sleep). She is a playful baby and usually quite happy as long as she has some toys or company (& even more content now that she can sit up!). She is such a strong girl and we think she’s gonna crawl any day (but I wouldn’t mind if she waited a month or two). She has longer hair in the front than back, so she has this cute little emo look when she’s not smiling. She loves solid food and has eaten everything we’ve attempted thus far. She loves Caroline and has grown quite used to being sat on, having toys shoved in her face, and hearing obnoxious goofy screeching around the clock. I would like her to nap for longer than 30 minutes, but she disagrees with my assessment on the matter.

A few random fun shots to add:






See you next month? (ok August is probably more likely)


P.S. While messing around with these photos and staring at the color wheel circle I ordered an external hard drive on amazon.

P.P.S. I can’t leave Caroline out of this post completely. Especially when these two photos exist:


Big bruise on her cheek, leopard print...what is this Jersey Shore?

Big bruise on her cheek, leopard print…what is this Jersey Shore?

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Natural Chidbirth: Not Just for Topless Granola Types

27 Nov

(This is a post I did on Her View From Home a few weeks ago…I’m posting it to my site just so it’s here for the ages or in case you missed it!)

Natural Childbirth is primarily reserved for crunchy women who do the following things: sing folk songs on acoustic guitars, wear long floral skirts overtop of their unshaven legs, buy fair trade bulgar wheat, marry men with long beards, & vote for the Green Party.

These women usually give birth buck naked in a baby pool in their living room, while their three older children perform a chant and wield tambourines. Then they keep the placenta in order to serve it to their close friends and family in a vegan lasagna.


You guys…this is FALSE! I swear!

But sometimes it kind of feels true.

It feels true because the most popular books written about natural childbirth show extremely TMI photos with boobs all over the place and an abundance of spread eagle shots. When I was pregnant the first time around, I wondered if you were forced to sign some sort of pledge to be completely nude during labor if you chose not to get an epidural. I was far too immature to handle seeing all these lady parts, so I found myself covering the pictures in order to be able to read the actual words on the page. Additionally, these photos all look like they were taken in the 80’s and the husbands often have a disconcerting Charles Manson vibe. I also notice that in the background of these photos, there is usually a crocheted hemp wall hanging.

A lot of the information I came across on the internet also added to my perception that natural childbirth was reserved for women wearing Birkenstocks. Some of the movement’s most vocal proponents seemed vehemently anti-medical, talked about things like making out during labor or orgasmic childbirth (no comment), and made it sound like choosing to give birth in a hospital was like selling your soul to Satan himself. More power to anyone who wants to do some Frenching with their hubby in between contractions or give birth at home, but these were things that just didn’t really appeal to me (my second birth did actually end up happening at home, but that certainly wasn’t the plan!) I also found it bothersome that a lot of natural childbirth fans came off as super judgmental about the whole thing. It seemed as though it was their mission to make women who choose not to go natural feel guilty and inferior.

Basically, I just didn’t relate to most of the women that I saw…and that’s putting it mildly.

Had I not had a conversation with one of my close & very normal friends who planned to give birth without using any pain meds, I think all of this seemingly peculiar stuff would have prevented me from giving the idea of natural childbirth the time of day. Until I spoke with her, I hadn’t known of a single person who had done it (or so I had thought). I have a vivid memory of myself saying things like “I don’t think I have the pain tolerance for natural childbirth” or “The pain of birth is a curse that I’d rather avoid”. After hearing a few of my friend’s very rational reasons for choosing to not to get an epidural and trying to avoid having an induction, I was intrigued. She was using a doctor, planned to give birth in a hospital, and I really resonated with the logic behind her decision. After the conversation, I gave the idea a chance and realized that my birth plan to “just do whatever the doctor says because he does this every day” was kind of a cop out. I did a lot of research, considered the arguments, and by the time my friend had her positive natural childbirth experience a few weeks later, my decision was solidified. I was officially planning and hoping to go natural as well.

It’s kind of crazy really…one conversation with a friend was all it took for me to consider natural childbirth. It undid all my stereotypes and shifted the whole paradigm for me.

I write this today because I fear that you might not happen to have a ‘normal’ friend like I did who will tell you about her choice to go natural. Just in case you don’t have such a pal, I want to offer you my services. LET’S BE FRIENDS!

I think you’ll find me easy to befriend because I’m just a normal lady like you. I wear makeup, shave my legs, drive an SUV, have a clean-shaven husband, shop at the Gap, and occasionally eat red meat. I am every woman. I’ve also had two natural child births.


Snuggling with my first baby girl…

I’m not really interested in getting on a soapbox regarding the reasons why you might want to consider natural childbirth because you’ll easily find plenty of people to tell you those (if you want the cliffs notes on why natural might be worth considering…take 2 hours and watch “The Business of Being Born” on Netflix …just be prepared to grimace a bit while you see some lady parts). As your new bestie, I just want to encourage you not to be afraid of natural childbirth. I want you to know that it is a completely reasonable and rational choice and is absolutely worth looking into. My decision to give birth without medical involvement has been a blessing to me and I haven’t regretted it for a moment. I have several close friends who have been extremely content with their choice to go natural as well (the decision seems to spread amongst friend groups- out of the 9 babies in my church small group- 8 of them have been born without the use of pain meds!) If you choose to go natural, you are not joining a club that forces you to make other “granola mom” choices. You are not required to cloth diaper, nurse your four-year old, start a compost heap in your backyard, or buy a Volvo Wagon. You are just making the decision to do what women have done all throughout history…let your body run the show in regards to childbirth!

I’ve heard it said that most women take more time researching what stroller to buy than looking into their childbirth options. I fear this would totally have been true of me had I not chatted with my friend that day. Now that you and I have had our own conversation, perhaps you’ll feel inspired to do some investigating of your own. No matter what you end up deciding, you will certainly never regret having at least taken the time to consider your options.

Just promise me if you end up going natural that you won’t take pictures of your required nakedness and send them to me. I am far too immature and will have to cover my eyes.

Now lets all sing Kumbaya (cue acoustic guitar)


P.S. Someday I will blog again. Over the course of this past month, my child turned my brains into mush due to lack of sleep- so blogging wasn’t on the top of my list of activities. I will  perhaps blog again when my brain solidifies.

P.P.S. Today’s Sunshine: Grandpa D is in town to work on some projects around our house and see the girls while Grandma D is in China. We’re so glad he’s here! Raincloud: let’s just keep it positive today, cool? I think that would be better for my mush brain.

Amused times two…

15 Aug

Greetings from the land of two kiddos!!

I’ve been on my own at my new job for two months now (new job = mother of two). Here are some of my observations from the field:

  • With my firstborn, I found myself very worried about pacifier usage. I tried with every fiber of my being to avoid using one at all costs. I recall husband and I pacing around constantly attempting to calm Caroline down when she was fussy doing all that we could to not give her a binkie. I recall the warnings- “It will cause nipple confusion”, “It will ruin your nursing efforts”, “It will become a crutch!”.  I would feel so guilty if it was in her mouth for any significant amount of time. It seems so laughable now, because that concern is 110% gone with baby #2. In fact, it was gone in Meredith’s first 24 hours of life (so glad I packed a package of Nuk pacifiers in the hospital bag since our hospital doesn’t even provide pacifiers anymore). Who am I to deprive this tiny little person of feeling soothed and calm in seconds? I will not be responsible for such a thing, no sir!! (of course, had nursing not been going well, i would have used good ole common sense and backed off on the pacifier thing)
  • It’s amazing how your view of your first child changes once you have another. I look at little Meredith & can’t help but contemplate that Caroline was once such a teeny babe, and am amazed at her transformation into a little girl. It somehow has made me love her even more. Although this is true, she is also the most annoying person on the planet. It’s impossible to explain how these two feelings (love & annoyance) don’t contradict each other in any way. I would never have believed that Caroline’s sweetness would actually irritate me. To illustrate, here is a conversation we had several times yesterday because a certain young lady would not stop attempting to kiss and hold her sister who was either sleeping or nursing.

ME: “Caroline, sometimes Mommy & Meredith need some space.”


  • Perhaps this is just me (& if it is, I apologize for bringing it up), but nursing is so much easier this time around. I’m completely done with most feedings in less than 10 minutes. I guess when you have a second kid, milk just starts to shoot out of you (lovely!!). I’m quite curious how quickly Mrs. 25 kids and counting is done with a nursing session…she probably just thinks about milk and using telepathy her baby is somehow full
  • My prediction: Mom friends and play dates are going to be ESSENTIAL to my well being for quite awhile. Taking two kids to a public place is much more complicated, and I am well aware that it will happen less frequently as Meredith stops being quite so sleepy in her car seat. Caroline has to have a change of scenery in her life (scenery: Meredith & I) so she can get her wiggles out, and seeing little friends is the absolute best way to do it. Plus, I like seeing my little friends too.
  • On that note, another prediction: Online grocery shopping is going to be extremely beneficial to my well being (you order your groceries at home online and go pick them up at the store without having to get out of your car….yes, this exists at a local store & whoever brought it into existence should be hoisted up on others shoulders while surrounded by loud cheering). I attempted to go to the store with the girls a few weeks ago, and at the conclusion of the trip I got into the car and broke down in tears (and i am totally not a stressball crying type of person). It was a disaster from start to finish- no room in the cart for actual groceries because of the baby seat, a complete toddler meltdown at the register due to a dropped cookie, and Caroline getting in & out of the “car” at the front of the shopping cart 1,000 times despite my instruction to remain seated.  I’m sure I will figure out how to go to the store with them both successfully, but I might put that effort off for just a few more days, weeks, months. Please advise me on how you manage to get to the grocery store if you have found a great way to do it.
  • Having Caroline settled in a big girl bed before Meredith arrived was a stroke of sheer genius on my part (yes, I’m humble). When she wakes up in the morning she plays in her room for a good 30-45 minutes before I go get her (this would never have happened in her crib). I don’t know if this is just a fluke, but these extra few minutes of sleep are a heaven on earth type of experience every morning.
  • Can someone remind me why i thought there was anything challenging about having one kiddo? If I only had Meredith, I would take naps with her and then we would cuddle while watching movies. I would also go wander through the mall while she lays in her stroller looking cute. If you are on your first kid- please do this for me and enjoy it (but don’t tell me about how nice it was).

  • Seeing an older sibling love on your new baby is quite possibly the sweetest and most heartwarming thing in the world. The moment Caroline leaves her room in the morning she shouts “SIS!” and runs to to give her kisses and love harass her. These types of moments do not get old (with the exception of when the behavior affects baby eating or sleeping). It is also extremely fun to have someone (even a 2 year old) to get excited with you about seeing your baby smile or coo, and not having to wait till daddy gets homes to share the moment with someone. Sounds kind of silly, but it’s just plain true.
  • When it’s 7pm, my husband isn’t home yet, and I’m about to lose my mind, I try envision a much older version of my two girls doing the following things: giggling about an inside joke at the dinner table, playing board games with each other, putting on a “show” for us, playing dress up, singing songs while pretending to hold a microphone, saying “I love you” to each other voluntarily, screaming with each other on a roller coaster, talking about a problem, having a discussion about a serious topic or issue & being in one another’s weddings. Somehow, knowing these moments are in the future can help make a long day with two little people seem well worth my exhaustion.


P.S. Today’s Sunshine: the weather is 100% perfect today and we went to the park with 4 of my mom friends and 8 kiddos…I’m telling ya’ll: PLAY DATES! Also, my Pinterest blog post was featured on (a website with Hoo Ha in the title that is famous for a post about a fart…this is where I am embraced), which is really flattering and fun! Today’s Raincloud: the daunting stack of clean laundry that beckons to me to be put away. I am quite curious how long I will let it haunt me.

Yes we bought a new mattress pad: the tale of our unintentional home birth.

22 Jun

A few days ago, I had my second sweet baby girl. Without further adieu, I’d like to introduce you to my lovely little lady…Miss Meredith Brown Davies.

She weighed a 8lbs, 15oz (!!), was 19 3/4 inches long, and arrived on June 18, 2012 at around 6:45am.

We won’t ever be sure of the exact time of Meredith’s arrival, because there were no nurses around to peek at the clock and note the official time of birth. We never made it to the hospital. She actually was born at home (no, we were not planning on a home birth) in our bed and was delivered by my husband.

You read that correctly. She was born IN OUR BED…and was delivered BY MY HUSBAND. I still can’t believe this happened to me and is my life. I think about the events of the morning and can only shake my head and laugh. It was obviously the most random and crazy experience I’ve ever had.

I have left many people hanging with my facebook posts regarding the events of Meredith’s birth, and my general lack of desire to talk on the phone…so I’m making myself at least blog some version of the tale. Knowing me, I will provide you more than enough information to get a sense of the events of June 18th. Sorry to the men reading, but I don’t know how to totally avoid talk of bodily fluids and such. You’ll be OK i swear. Man up.

2am-ish on Monday morning (weird weirdness…I also went into labor with Caroline at 2am on a Monday morning) I sprung a small leak. I went to the bathroom and knew that it wasn’t a bladder control issue, but that most likely my water had broken. I wanted to be sure it was my water because it was such a small amount of fluid, so I laid back down and waited for more to happen. Over the next half hour, I felt one or two more “trickles” all while reading lots of information about the “slow trickle” water break. I woke up J and we talked about it and came to the conclusion we should both sleep for a bit and plan on calling the doctor first thing in the morning.  We prayed together that labor would start on its own so our doctor would not have to induce labor later in the day (sometimes it can take labor awhile to start after your water breaks, and doctors won’t usually let you wait to have your baby longer than 24 hours after a broken water due to risk of infection). I was really hoping to have another natural childbirth so induction wasn’t something I wanted to do unless it was absolutely necessary. Well I need not have worried, because God answered our prayer about an hour later. I started having contractions about 3:30am. The contractions were short and probably about 10 minutes apart, so I was able to rest in bed while having contractions till about 5:15am. The intensity felt very similar to the beginning of my labor with Caroline, which lasted for 20 hours.

5am-ish, J got up and started getting the car packed and pulling my list of things together. By then the contractions had intensified and I had to bust out some of my “natural labor techniques” to deal with them, but they still felt pretty short and far apart. I moved into the recliner in Meredith’s nursery shortly after J started getting organized.

5:45am-ish, I was still laboring in the nursery, but I definitely had noticed a significant increase in the length, frequency, and intensity of my contractions. I told J that he should stop running around for a few minutes to time some contractions so we could have a better idea of what was going on. He timed a few, and was really surprised at how long they were lasting and close together they had become compared to the last time he had checked on me. He called April (our future sis in law) and asked her to head our direction to get Caroline. She contacted Matt (J’s bro) so he was on his way as well and he lives much closer. J also called our doctor at that time and left a message with the service who contacts them. We knew it was time to head to the hospital and planned to leave as soon as we passed off Caroline.

6am-ish, I threw up twice. That was when I started to really panic internally because last time around, I threw up twice right before I started to get the urge to push. The panic combined with how intense my contractions had gotten and the fact that J was off getting Caroline & her stuff together…it was a kind of scary blur around this time.

When Matt arrived (he got to us very fast…props to Uncle Matt!), I was in the complete throws of “transition”. J knew things were getting pretty crazy, but he didn’t know that I was about to flippin push out our baby. Obviously.

Even though the entire ‘get Caroline & her stuff to Matt & April’ process only took probably 5-10 minutes of J being downstairs, I felt like it took AGES because J was not at my side and I was alone when I realized I felt the urge to push. I made it into the bathroom and knew that the baby was coming but didn’t know how to stop myself from pushing. I yelled out “COME HERE!!!” and he ran into the bathroom and found me on the floor basically starting to push. He could tell in seconds that we weren’t going to be delivering this baby in the hospital, so he called 911 and told them to send an ambulance immediately.

Somehow, he got me to the bed. He checked on me and could see the baby’s head and he literally held her inside me and kept telling me that I needed to wait to push (he wanted to at least have the equipment that the paramedics would bring). It was the most excruciating thing to resist pushing, but I managed it somehow. A few minutes later, a fire truck arrived and 5 firemen (I assumed they were paramedics, but the actual paramedics had not arrived yet) filed into our bedroom and surrounded the bed. J told them he was a doctor, but not an OB…but there was no time to get me anywhere else to have this baby. He basically announced that he was gonna have to deliver the baby right now. I suppose that since they weren’t official paramedics and just acting as “first responders”, they just listened to him and did what he said. Ha! J told me to go ahead and push when I wanted to, and the head was out a single push. J delivered the shoulders and Meredith was officially born. Literally took 30 seconds. I found out later that the cord was wrapped around her neck, and J wiggled it off without me even knowing it (probably good I didn’t know this at that moment). J suctioned her and she started crying immediately. He clamped and cut the cord as well. The ambulance and paramedics arrived right after she was born and everyone was thrilled to see how well Meredith was doing. She was pink and completely healthy and perfect.

I was just laying there holding my new baby in complete and total shock in regards to what had happened. I’m sure you can imagine the mixture of thoughts parading through my brain- relief to be finished with the pain, internal laughter at the ridiculous scene before me, emotion at seeing my little girl for the first time, pride in seeing my husband rise to the occasion in such a stressful situation…

The firemen were clearly jolly  and it was quite obvious that they enjoyed being a part of this crazy scene. I guess a full term birth with a healthy baby happening at home is something that doesn’t happen often. I am just happy to have provided them with a story for dinner parties. They were very impressed with J’s handling of the situation and I have a feeling it was nice for them that they really didn’t even have to do anything because J was such a baby delivery go-getter… J is talking about taking Meredith up to the fire station to see them; I, on the other hand, would prefer to never see them again for obvious reasons.

I definitely wanted to wait to deliver the placenta till we got to the hospital (anyone who has seen a placenta understands why), so they pretty much wrapped Meredith & I in up in the bed sheets and put us onto the stretcher to head to Vanderbilt within minutes of delivery. As you can imagine, neighbors were outside wondering about the fire truck and ambulance…it was quite the scene. J followed along in the car because it had all of our stuff in it, so there I was in the ambulance with my new baby and some random paramedic who seemed as caught up in the excitement of the story as the firemen. My first time breastfeeding my child was in the back of an ambulance with some random dude. There are no words.

We got to the hospital and I felt like there were 50 people waiting for us to arrive. Nurses were outside waiting. Nurses were lining the hallways.  One nurse announced loudly “Full term baby. Healthy. Nursed in the ambulance” and people scattered. Again, I guess unplanned home deliveries don’t usually turn out as well as ours. Everywhere we wheeled by, people were like “there’s the home delivery!” I was famous, much like the delightful fame enjoyed by women on the show “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant”. Super.

From there, the story normalizes. They do all the baby checking up, we find out that I pushed out a 8lb, 15oz baby in ONE PUSH, J’s on the phone with people, placenta, people keep pressing on my stomach and I want to punch them, etc…

Me posing with my midwife/urologist/husband, & our new baby

So by the time most of ya’ll were headed to work, the entire process of labor was complete and we were left to decompress and get to know our lovely Meredith. She really is fantastic by the way. I mean, look at her and her random head full of dark hair…


Watching a newborn grow the first week is so remarkable. She has already changed so much! I can’t believe I have  two beautiful daughters…

my girls

So there you have it…the story of our random home birth. I can’t tell you how many times this week J and I have just looked at one another and laughed. Telling friends has been extremely hilarious..the reactions to the story incite mouth dropping, laughter, stunned silence, and a great deal of ‘i can’t believe it’ head shaking.

Every husband who hears the story leaves in a deep state of either gratitude that they have not been put in J’s position, or fear that they might be one day. I cannot even begin to imagine if J had not been in the medical profession and this had occurred, I think I would have been pushing a baby out in a car on the way to the hospital. I think God knows J & I well though, and decided for whatever reason to make us the couple who had this experience. God knew how much I wanted to have another natural childbirth, my penchant for story telling, my husband’s personality and medical background, the title of this blog, and I’m wondering if he just flat out thought it was funny to allow things to happen this way. Regardless of his intentions, I am just thankful for my healthy baby girl who made a dramatic entrance into the world.

In conclusion, at the suggestion of my sister in law Katy- I plan to regularly turn over to J late in the night and say “Remember that time we had a baby in this bed” and then turn back over to fall asleep.

Night night.


P.S. Pics…

Welcome to the world.


First time seeing big sis.

First family pic, big sis was enamored with lil sis so she couldn’t look up.

Uncle Matt & (almost) Auntie April had a pretty long day themselves…

First kisses.

Dad- Monday afternoon. Bahahahahaha.

With my little Meri-beri (i’m currently testing nicknames)

all that hair makes me wanna throw on them bows.


20 kisses this morning for “SIS!”

P.P.S. We threw away our mattress pad & sheets…in case you were wondering. This has surprisingly been one of the top questions I have received. You people and your concerns. Of all things.

Contemplations from Pregnancy #2

16 Mar

I’m almost 27 weeks pregnant with my second little girl. After my daughter Caroline was born, I remember fiercely and staunchly declaring that I wanted to have kids a minimum of 2 years apart. On this there was no debate.

As you would expect since my blog is about motherhood being amusing, I came to discover that my due date for my second pregnancy was June 21st…a day also known as Caroline’s second birthday. This is the first time I can recall that God has ever taken me so literally. I think He knows my sense of humor, and did this just to give me a good story. Although I can’t find anything in scripture that verifies he does this sort of thing for the sake of laughs, I just can’t think of any other explanation.


This pregnancy is so different than my first time around. It makes me giggle when I think about how much time i spent blogging, posting pregnancy pictures, reading book after book on natural childbirth, decorating the nursery, researching baby gear, looking at post after post on baby center…(and I’d do it all again, so i’m not criticizing you first time mom’s at all!)

I guess I find it funny because this time around, I haven’t….

…taken or posted a pregnancy picture

…written a single blog

…posted an ultrasound picture on facebook

…contemplated at any length that I am going to actually have to give birth to this child

…bought a single item for her room

…had any awareness at any point what size fruit she would be compared to

SOOOOOOO maybe our girl already getting the shaft a little bit compared to her big sister, but I do, in fact, like her and am very excited to meet her. I swear!

Having a second baby is an odd thing. I find that I’m not concerned at all about 99% of what I thought about during the first pregnancy.  Her room? eh. I’ll find some crap to put on the walls. The labor? I did it last time, i’ll try to brush up on that whole natural childbirth thing come late May. Anyone have an Ina May book I can borrow? What I’m gonna wear at the hospital? (yes i thought about that last time) who cares, bring on the hospital underwear and don’t forget a t-shirt and a pair of comfy pants. How in tarnation do I care for a little baby? just feed em & occasionally change their diaper. Then enjoy the fact that they just sit there most of the time looking totally adorbs.

The things I *do* contemplate now…

  • Why, oh why, am I having another baby right when that first one is getting to be so darn fun, portable, and easy? I must be insane.
  • How am I ever going to go to the grocery store again? Can we ever go to a restaurant that doesn’t have “Cici’s or “Fil-A” or “Food Court” in the title?
  • How does it work that you could possibly love your second child as much as your first? I absolutely know I will…but it just baffles me to think about loving two kids the way that I currently love one. I am so curious how it will feel & happen.
  • Where am I going to put all those ridiculously huge newborn baby items? WHY ARE THEY SO BIG?
  • What will another baby girl of ours look/act like? How will she be similar/different from her sister? Will they grow up and like each other? Will they fight all the time? Will they be adorable little besties? Will they lose touch in college and see each other only on Christmas? (NO!!!!!!!!!!)
  • I wish i could sleep on my back! I wish i could sleep on my back!

Despite all of these thoughts, in general I just revel in the fact that our family is gaining a new member, and how amazingly blessed we are. I know I will figure out how to be a mother of two just as billions of other ladies have over the course of history. I will figure out all the details, the schedules, how to get around, etc… just like i did the first time. I just need to take it as it comes, love on my girls, and not overthink and stress about the phase ahead. If I ever am having trouble with perspective, I just need to watch one episode of 19 kids and counting…and all my troubles will evaporate.

I also think often about how very excited I am that Caroline will get to have a little sister so close in age. My sister and I are 18 months apart, and although we fought our fair share (I literally would scratch her & bite her….and I was an evil big sister for many years), it was so much fun to always have a friend/playmate/slave with me. I am really thrilled that my girls will get to experience what I had, and I vow to do all that I can to prevent the biting & scratching part.

Since joining the Davies family is becoming a part of a very exclusive club, I’m also trying to think of some really good initiation ritual that we can put this baby through. I’m thinking it will involve making her dress up in public, just like the cheerleaders did at my high school when they added new members.

I am open to additional ideas as well.


P.S. Todays Raincloud– hubby didn’t get home till 8:45 tonight. Blah. Today’s Sunshine– I had a fantastic lunch with the high school girl that I mentor (love her!). I also gave Caroline chocolate pudding for the first time and enjoyed every moment of her reaction.

P.P.S. I realized this past week that I have been so bad about taking pictures for the last few months, and attempted to make up for some lost time this week. I actually took a few pics with my phone PLUS brought my camera to the zoo. Imagine that! This collection of photos is more than I took in January and February combined.

Cutest little backside ever...checking out the flamingo's.

I'm totally obsessed with her pigtails.

just chillin

Michelle Tanner shot.

Wearing green for a St. Patricks Day Party some friends hosted! SO MUCH FUN. We got there late so we missed out on most of the photo ops, but the party is featured HERE and was so cute!


The people seeing her walk through the mall like this enjoyed it immensely. I think she was just very happy about her new toddler bed sheets & pillow.

She wears her sunglasses at night.

It’s late, which means it is time to go toss and turn all night and get up twice to pee.

I wish I could sleep on my back. I wish I could sleep on my back…